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New Year is often the most popular time to start new resolutions and challenge yourself, however this can put great pressure on achieving goals during a time when you’re not ready. However, fear not if you feel you missed the opportunity to set goals or stick to resolutions at the start of 2022. Spring is a great time to celebrate new beginnings and reevaluate your goals for the month, season or this particular chapter in your life. This time is not only significant as a season but during this time we also celebrate Passover, Ramadan and Easter, all of which commemorate new life, faith and committing to annual spiritual practices. 

It’s great to know you’re ready for a fresh start and embrace this time of year but how exactly do you begin? At PsyMood we specialize in knowing what’s best for your mental health at every stage of your journey. Read on to learn exactly how you can refresh your mind, routine and body this spring. 

Have a Spring Clean

Living in a clean and tidy space is not only good for your physical health but your mental health too! This can also lead to greater productivity when your home is also your workplace during times of remote working. However, we know cleaning isn’t for everyone and can be overstimulating if you’re also reorganizing, so take it in sections. This might include deep cleaning and organizing one room at a time each week. Decluttering is also essential as part of a spring clean as it gives you an opportunity to get rid of old things that no longer are useful to you. But just don’t forget to donate rather than throw away any usable items to your local charity shop, as they may be useful for someone else.

Take up a New Hobby

Nothing says a fresh start like finding something new that you’re passionate about and brings you joy. Hobbies are great for just that! Is there something you’ve always been too scared to try but are ready to take the plunge? Or maybe you’re starting a hobby to reach a personal goal, such as joining the gym to train for a marathon. Hobbies can be challenging, fun or creative and altogether a great way to start afresh.

Practice Mindfulness 

A big part of starting fresh is acknowledging where you’ve come and being aware of where your path is taking you. You might be starting afresh because you have recently overcome trauma or are looking to build confidence. A great way to achieve mindfulness is by speaking to a mental health professional. At PsyMood, we have over 350 specialists from around the world here to assist you. Contact one of our specialists for a FREE 15-minute intake session today and speak to someone from your cultural background that speaks your native language. Join today to start your mental health journey!

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