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As we celebrate World Autism Day and the diversity across the mental health spectrum, we wanted to educate you, our users, on the condition with some interesting facts you may not have known.

At PsyMood, we are proud to have over 350 mental health professionals that specialize in providing support for mental health conditions from autism to anxiety, speaking over 30 languages to bridge the gap in mental health services for minority groups, immigrants and newcomers to Canada.

Autism does not discriminate

Although we are very unfortunately aware there is discrimination that occurs within the healthcare sector, autism does not discriminate. It is just as likely to affect any racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups but is considerably under-diagnosed in areas where mental health services are severely underfunded.

People with Autism have Unique Abilities

People with autism may be less comfortable in social interactions or have trouble understanding social cues. However, studies have found that people with autism have unique abilities in other areas. This might include, memorizing information quickly and easily, learning to read at a very early age or having good mathematical skills. Each person with autism is unique just like you and I and therefore their abilities vary.

A Lifelong Condition

Some people with autism may be diagnosed later in life however, you cannot develop autism, you are born with it. This condition cannot be cured, however people with autism can lead extremely fulfilling lives and the more research we see to be developed overtime that enables us to understand the condition, the greater treatments and resources available to assist those who have the condition or care for someone who is autistic. Interventions or treatments can improve quality of life, and help those with autism learn to live independently.

Autism is a Spectrum

You may have heard that autism is a spectrum and therefore not just one condition however, did you know that there are five different conditions that are on the autism spectrum? These are: Asperger’s syndrome, Rett syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder, Kanner’s syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorder.

As a spectrum two people with autism can act completely differently, not only because as individuals we all have our own unique mannerisms but also because there are different levels of functionality on the spectrum. High functioning autism means symptoms of the condition are present however, intervention or support needed is minimal. The opposite of this is low functioning autism.

Just like every mental health condition, there is still so much to learn about autism. At PsyMood, we will continue to support you in your journey of self discovery. For a FREE intake session sign up today.

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