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PsyMood is a platform where you can find mental health support based on your language, culture, religion, and more.

Embracing Change: Our Journey

The minds behind PsyMood

Two friends from Brazil came to Canada and faced difficulty finding therapy in Portuguese. This made them wonder: if it was a struggle for them to find a specialist in their second language, how hard is it for immigrants in Canada to find one in their first language?

So they started PsyMood. Their dream is to break the barriers and stigmas about mental health and make it accessible to everyone, especially immigrants and minorities.

Rod illustration
Rodrigo Bergel, Co-founder
Fred Neumann illustration
Fred Neumann, Co-founder

Transforming Lives: Our Purpose

We want to transform mental health support, breaking down barriers and fostering positive change through therapy, peer support, and content sharing.

Pathways to Success: Our Guiding Values

Respect & Integrity: Enjoy a safe space to express yourself .
Inclusion: We embrace multiculturalism  and accessibility as a choice.
Open Communication: Share new ideas, and embrace innovation among everyone.

Unlocking Your Best Choice: Why Us?

Why to choose PsyMood?

We believe mental health support should be as unique as you are, providing a personalized approach, and connecting you with therapists based on factors such as language, culture and religion.

We match you with specialists who understand you and how you are feeling.

During the signup process, you will answer a few questions to help us find the specialists that are best for you.

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Our Customers Speak Out


Read testimonials and reviews to see what our clients have to say about their experiences working with us.

JoaquimBusiness client

Happier employees lead to better results for any company. When I found PsyMood and found that they had specialists that offer their services in different languages, I thought this would be perfect for my employees who are new here in Canada. It's hard being away from loved ones, and I wanted them to feel that they're not alone. My employees should never have to feel the need to hide their mental health while working. They should be able to take care of their health and deliver great results in my company.


I live in Alberta and had a hard time to find a therapist from Brazil. PsyMood found a Portuguese speaking therapist that worked with my schedule and that my insurance accepted.


PsyMood understood me and my needs, even when I wasn't 100% sure what I actually needed. I felt comfortable signing up, and it was truly amazing to see the difference it makes when talking about mental health with someone who speaks my language and understands my culture.


Spanish is my mother tongue. My household language is Spanish. It's what I am comfortable with. When I was seeking mental health support, I couldn't quite get the right words together in English. After one session with a PsyMood Specialist, I was able to truly talk about my feelings and emotions. Thank you!


I'm a newcomer from Cameroon. PsyMood helped me connect with a French-speaking specialist. This specialist was also from Africa and livign in Canada. I felt I was heard for the first time.


I am a person of little words in any language. Choosing the right specialist for me was seamless, and I really loved how I could do hands-on research before choosing my specialist with no added pressure. Once I choose my specialist, she was very professional and experienced and made me feel very comfortable. It really was a great match, and I am looking forward to more sessions in the future!