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At PsyMood, we offer diverse, inclusive, personal mental health services based on language and cultural background.


We understand that the challenges an employee faces can also impact their performance at work. That’s why we treat all clients as unique individuals by affording customized therapy services.

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The problem

Lack of service in native language; inaccessible and non-inclusive.
If it’s not easy to talk about mental health in your first language, imagine in your second one?

Immigrants and minorities endure high stress.
They lack an appropriate place to feel comfortable to talk about their challenges.

Lack of cultural understanding.
Connecting through language and cultural background creates a more meaningful connection.

$50 billion loss in productivity in Canada in 2022 due to depression/

What does PsyMood provide?

The solution

  • Matchmaking tool to connect users with specialists
  • Set-up for all therapy coaching tools
  • Scheduling, billing, and  video conferencing

Content Platform tailor-made for minorities and immigrants

Compliance (HIPPA / PIPEDA / PHIPA)

Multilingual and culturally relevant certified specialists

Did you know?

1 in 5 Canadians (7 million)

Will experience a mental illness annually, but only half use health services for mood and anxiety disorders each year.

Only 23%

Of Canadians feel comfortable approaching their employer with mental health concerns.  3 in 4 people don’t tell them at all.


Of struggling Canadians are not getting the mental health help they need.


Of respondents reported their employers did not have any policies or programs to reduce stigma.


Did not report their mental issues due to the impact of stigma on their career.

The mental health of both immigrants and refugees tends to worsen with time. Evidence suggests that some subgroups are at greater risk for deteriorating mental health than others. A one-size-fits-all approach to service models is not effective. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

Enterprise value proposition

Helping solve HR issues

We help employees and workforces stay healthier and happier by providing them with diverse resources to take care of their mental health and well-being.

We offer customized solutions that fit each company’s requirements. We are the DE&I solution for mental health support for your company.

We have specialists available for Professional Webinars and Workshops related to topical mental health issues that reflect the interests and background of your membership.