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Welcome to the PsyMood Series Podcast Blog, where we explore the fascinating world of psychology and its impact on our mood and well-being.

In this episode, Raquel Monterio Pereira, a renowned psychologist, shares her expertise on the causes and effects of anxiety. Raquel works with all age groups and talks about various coping mechanisms and strategies that can help individuals manage their anxiety and improve their overall well-being. Fred Neumann, our CEO, acts as an interpreter, as this episode is in Portuguese. Raquel provides valuable insights on how anxiety can affect productivity in the workplace and offers tips on creating a supportive work, school, and life environment for individuals dealing with anxiety. Sally Seiriki, Head of Operation and Host, engages in an insightful conversation with our guests, exploring different perspectives and shedding light on the importance of mental health awareness.  

Raquel speaks about the triggers of anxiety, the different stages, and the importance of recognizing them to develop effective coping mechanisms. Raquel also highlights the impact of workplace stressors, such as high workloads, unrealistic deadlines, personal trauma, and ongoing life issues, on exacerbating anxiety symptoms. 

Raquel discusses the significance of open communication and destigmatizing mental health issues to foster a more inclusive and understanding society. Additionally, Raquel emphasizes the importance of practicing mindfulness, engaging in activities that bring joy and relaxation, and reaching out to mental health professionals for support. By sharing research and knowledge, Raquel aims to encourage others to prioritize their mental well-being and create a supportive environment for those struggling with anxiety.

Overall, this episode provides a comprehensive understanding of anxiety and equips listeners with practical strategies to support themselves and others in their journey toward better mental well-being. By shedding light on the importance of recognizing anxiety and developing coping mechanisms, Raquel helps listeners understand that they are not alone in their struggles. This episode encourages individuals to prioritize their mental health and seek the necessary support, ultimately contributing to a more empathetic and supportive society. 

PsyMood is a digital tool designed to help you find the support you need in the language that you are most comfortable with. PsyMood considers cultural background, geographical location, interests, and personal needs, amongst other factors, to pair you with service providers for online or in-person therapy sessions.

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Bio:  Raquel Monterio Pereira, Psychologist

Hello, I’m Raquel Monteiro Pereira, an experienced psychotherapist with a strong background. I’m dedicated to offering emotional support to assist you in overcoming challenges that impact your quality of life. With extensive experience in online counselling, I provide an inclusive and welcoming therapeutic setting where everyone is understood and accepted. I’m fluent in Portuguese and English, and I’m here to lead you on your journey of self-discovery without judgment.

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