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Tips to “Five Ways to Love Yourself” from Shereen St. Louis, Mentor

  1. Appreciate your time. Find things that you love about yourself that make you happy.
  1. Take the time to enjoy your alone time by playing your favourite song, watching a movie that makes you laugh, or treating yourself to something nice.
  1. Be kind to yourself by saying kind words, giving compliments, and challenging yourself by setting new goals.
  1. Eat healthy, exercise, and get good rest, these things will rejuvenate your body and mind.
  1. Make healthy choices and connect with people that make you feel valued. 

In Episode 3, we talk about Valentine’s Day tips for mental health and happiness. Sally Seiriki, Head of Operations and Shereen St. Louis, Mentor, discusses strategies for managing expectations, navigating loneliness, and fostering self-love during this holiday. Tune in to gain valuable insights and practical advice on how to prioritize your mental well-being during Valentine’s Day celebrations. 

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Bio: Shereen St. Louis, Mentor

As your mentor, I’m here to provide guidance, knowledge, and advice. I am here to listen and understand your needs with compassion and clarity. Working together as a team we can gain new possibilities and perspectives on challenging situations. Together we would work on helping you to identify your goals, keeping a positive mindset throughout the process, and sharing my skills and experience for success. 

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Listen to the full episode below or read the transcript here:

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