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Welcome to the PsyMood Series Podcast Blog, where we explore the fascinating world of psychology and its impact on our mood and well-being.

In Episode 11, Henry Socasi, a Psychoanalyst, is currently living in Argentina and is a migrant from Ecuador. He will share his insights on the challenges and benefits of adapting to a new culture, as well as the psychological effects of migration on individuals. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of how psychology plays a crucial role in navigating life changes, like anxiety and maintaining mental health.


Henry speaks about the importance of self-care and mental health awareness as he migrates to a new country and adjusts to a different culture. He also discusses practical tips for maintaining emotional balance and seeking support during times of transition. Henry’s personal experiences will provide valuable insights for anyone facing similar challenges in adapting to a new environment.

Migratory mourning male in anxiety looking at laptop with his clothes all over the living room

Furthermore, he speaks about how family and friends can play a crucial role in providing emotional support during challenging times. Additionally, he emphasizes the significance of developing healthy coping mechanisms to navigate the stress and uncertainty that often accompany major life changes. Henry highlights the importance of self-compassion and being patient with oneself as he navigates the complexities of adapting to a new environment. He also stresses the value of seeking professional help or therapy if needed to ensure mental well-being is prioritized during times of significant change. 


Additionally, Henry acknowledges the challenges of language barriers and the importance of practicing self-care while overcoming communication obstacles in a new cultural setting. By focusing on building a support system and utilizing the resources available, Henery can gradually acclimatize to his new surroundings. He recognizes the significance of maintaining a positive mindset and remaining open to new experiences as he continues to grow and learn in his new environment.

Let me introduce you to our guest!

Bio: Henry Socasi, Psychoanalyst

Graduated in Psychology from the Salesian Polytechnic University of Ecuador and Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Psychoanalysis from the University of Buenos Aires. Henry also has a diploma in Psychoanalysis from the Clinical Institute of Buenos Aires, (ICdeBA).

Due to his extensive experience in the psychoanalytic care of adults, Henry’s main objective is to alleviate the symptoms that afflict the patients who come to his office.

For Henry, it is important that well-being is linked to order and respect, which is essential when caring for those who consult.

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